Guide: A Guidepost for Maintaining Team Trust in a Time of Crisis, COVID-19

During times of crisis, trust can be both easier to build and tougher to maintain. Easier to build if the team has a common interest and, with the right leadership, can rally around that to trust each other more. Tougher to maintain because decisions need to be made fast and can result in mistakes.

Guide: How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings

In situations where you can’t demand attention with ocular oppression, you have to learn to do what we should’ve mastered long ago: create voluntary engagement. In other words, you have to create structured opportunities for attendees to engage fully.

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Guide: 5 ways to deal proactively with conflict while working from home during the coronavirus outbreak

We can choose to focus narrowly on problems caused by the cracks or we can consciously widen our perspective to notice also benefits from those cracks. The colleague who seems to spend way too much time on Slack is also the one everyone turns to when they need help using the platform.

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Guide: Zoom's guide to Best Practices for Hosting a Digital Event

If you expect attendees to mostly just listen, you’re on the fast track to a Zoom Video Webinar. When you need more back and forth between the audience and the host, a Zoom Meeting might be the better option. This info will help you decide whether to host your online event as a webinar or a meeting.

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Guide: Supporting and Empowering Our Teens During
Challenging Times


As our tradition teaches us: kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh—“we are all responsible for one another.”

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Guide: COVID-19 for Educators: Resources and an FAQ for Youth Serving Organizations


A compilation from The Jewish Education Project of school-related guidance on how Jewish Day School, Congregation, JCC, Early Childhood, and independent settings are responding and planning.

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Guide: Comprehensive Tools for Educating Through Zoom

The purpose of this guide is to help outline how different individuals within the K-12 schooling system can leverage Zoom in a virtual learning environment.

Guide: Living Life During a Pandemic

Moving Traditions addresses balancing self-care and responsibility to care for others; avoiding scapegoating in times of fear; and the importance of seeking out joy.  Please feel free to use the material with teens in your life.

Guide: Resources on Prayers and Learning

My Jewish Learning has guides to traditional prayers that may be particularly useful: the Prayer for Healing, the Prayer for Hand-Washing, the Prayer for Travelers, and the Prayer for Doctors

Lending a Helping Hand
Guide: All People are Responsible for One Another 

Repair the World offers a resource on caring for the sick in times of crisis

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